Friday, June 10, 2011

French Macarons...not the lumps of coconut that you thought they were!

Awhile back, Auntie Dev (that's Megan to most) sent me a link to a blog she reads. It's all about a talented and beautiful young mother with two're thinking it's me right (ha!), just wait...who is a party planner and letterpress printer with an artist husband and she's currently...LIVING IN PARIS FOR A YEAR. Yeah, not me (dang!). I obviously hate this girl, but I've gotten to work trying to live her life in even the slightest of ways. Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Check out this link, the first I's all about eating French macarons at a park in Paris:
Anyone else jealous?!
Uncle Asher and Auntie Dev got me a box of my own French macarons from La Panier, a French bakery at Pike Place Market, for my birthday and the boys and I got down to recreating our own idyllic macaron eating fest. If you can imagine, they had no problem helping me with the cause!

I mean...La Panier could work on their packaging to help my cause a little!

Hank's boots, pj shorts, and fireman shirt are decidedly NOT very "chic", but at least Hud is sporting stripes, and that's pretty French, right?!
 Hank actually let me have a taste of his prized chocolate macaron!

 Hud going in for a taste of the strawberry.
Dans la cour, manger des macarons...oh sorry, I meant, "In the yard, eating macarons." Sometimes I just slip into French without realizing it, excusez-moi (hehe).


Love + Marriage said...

lol, I'm cracking up over Hank's outfit but I gotta admit it's adorable how much he loves the macarons (and how you two scramble for the chocolate ones). I'm a pistachio girl! I was thinking tomorrow we should go try the Beard Papa's cream puffs in the ID. Wanna go?

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