Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Activity Table...Take 2

I was so excited when I got this activity table for Hank when he turned 9 months old ( It was a good score then, and a good score now (the little surprises we get to break out from the garage now and then!). Even more exciting, Hudson has someone to demonstrate all the cool things it's obviously still cool when you're 2.5 years old. The growl/grunt/purr thing Hud does is cracking us up lately. Whenever he's really excited, he'll break out with it - such a goofball!
Totally thrilled!
Hank looks sooo big! Especially when you go back to the old blog post!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is it just me...or does this look like Bret?!

Hud was the one that I used to look at and think, "Ah, now this guy looks like me!" Lately, however, I keep seeing more and more of Bret in him. Maybe it's because he has Bret's current hair color (instead of Hank, who has the same blonde hair B had when he was little), but there's something about it! B says it's because they both have big heads...hehe. So goes having a kid look like me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tools...because what else should a 7 month old be playing with?!

What to Expect: The First Year says that at seven months, your baby "will probably object if you try to take a toy away." Hudson has hit this developmental milestone with NO problem. If we take away one of Hank's toys that Hudson has chosen to obsess over (very often it's the saw), the boy gives us a growl and cry (ok, it's a scream) that you would never expect from those sweet, chunky cheeks. Ahh, the next few months, uh, years, should be fun!

I guess this is where I admit that I still have my own stuffed animals...

Let's play a little "I Spy"...see if you can find Hank among all the animals during his nap time. Cracks me up when he does this, because I can remember loading my bed up with ALL my stuffed animals and falling asleep totally happy.
And here he is!
The best part is when he wakes up and puts his arms out ("Ta-Da!") to show me how he has piled them all up - he's so proud of the work that went into making his little nest.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Up and Running!

It has been so hard to get this new blog started! The old blog ( ends quite abruptly with Hank becoming a new brother; I didn't even cover his birthday that came one quick week after! Life got a whole lot crazier with the addition of Hudson and even if I was composing blog posts in my head while nursing our new little guy or while I was laying with Hank at night, they never made it to the computer. If Aunt Raelene thought she was checking back a lot to see updates, I was too! Somehow, I kept thinking that someone was magically updating my blog for me and I'd open it up expecting to be surprised by new pictures of the boys. It didn't happen, imagine that!
So, here we are - Hudson is almost EIGHT months old and Hank is a ripe ol' 2.5 (thinking about how much I'd have to post to catch up made me put this off even more!). I suppose I'll try to post older things as they seem relevant, but for now...we're off and running!
Here are the boys, right now: