Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hud's First Haircut

Hank got to go first and show little brother how it's done. Thankfully, we're finally past the screaming haircut stage...but he still doesn't like the "zzzz things"...those are clippers to you and me.
He doesn't look thrilled, but he never is when I HAVE to take his picture
And then it was Hudsy's turn. I don't really think he knew what was happening to him (the upside to getting his first haircut this early). He did great and looks so stinkin' little boy adorable!
Getting started...just a little hair over the ears...didn't even need to do the front!


Looking tortured

The big reveal!

Hud thought he deserved a sucker too...Grandma did a good job of just sitting and smiling!


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