Friday, May 20, 2011

Is it just me...or does this look like Bret?!

Hud was the one that I used to look at and think, "Ah, now this guy looks like me!" Lately, however, I keep seeing more and more of Bret in him. Maybe it's because he has Bret's current hair color (instead of Hank, who has the same blonde hair B had when he was little), but there's something about it! B says it's because they both have big heads...hehe. So goes having a kid look like me!


Love + Marriage said...

I think Hud switches though because here he clearly looks like B but in person I see more of you. They are both just the perfect combination!

LuluandGeorgiesMom said...

I agree with Auntie Dev. I think he looks sooo much like you normally, but he has flashes of Bret. :)

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