Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Up and Running!

It has been so hard to get this new blog started! The old blog (hankcameron.blogspot.com) ends quite abruptly with Hank becoming a new brother; I didn't even cover his birthday that came one quick week after! Life got a whole lot crazier with the addition of Hudson and even if I was composing blog posts in my head while nursing our new little guy or while I was laying with Hank at night, they never made it to the computer. If Aunt Raelene thought she was checking back a lot to see updates, I was too! Somehow, I kept thinking that someone was magically updating my blog for me and I'd open it up expecting to be surprised by new pictures of the boys. It didn't happen, imagine that!
So, here we are - Hudson is almost EIGHT months old and Hank is a ripe ol' 2.5 (thinking about how much I'd have to post to catch up made me put this off even more!). I suppose I'll try to post older things as they seem relevant, but for now...we're off and running!
Here are the boys, right now:


Love + Marriage said...

Hank looks like he's a five year old and Hud looks like...A WILD THING! I love those two!

Love + Marriage said...

heehee, i just noticed the little devil banner. Cute new blog Dev!

camille said...

Trouble x two. That's all i gotta say! (well that, and the cutest double trouble you ever did see!)

Love + Marriage said...

Dev, will you email me that picture of Hud? I can't click on it and I want to see it bigger!

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