Thursday, June 23, 2011


As of Saturday, June 18th, our big boy, Hud, is an official crawler - woohoo! I swear, watching kids hit milestones is always amazing; it doesn't matter if it's early, late,or if it's the second time you've seen it...there is something so amazing in watching them put together all the steps that it takes to do something that we don't even THINK about when we're older. And I know some people say, "Watch out, as soon as they crawl, it's all over!" But I LOVE when they're mobile - even if it means having to move them away from the DVD player 1,000 times in a day, it's still so fun!
Our favorite thing Hudson would do as he was learning to crawl was, what anyone who has taken yoga would call, "Downward Facing Dog":
How much better is it that he's only in a diaper - eee, I love those knees!
Then, he learned how to sit up on his own...

And, now...drumroll, please...our CRAWLER!


JosieBeanLily said...

Hi Mollie...Love to see you update the blog. I'm on here to update mine. Love you guys.

JosieBeanLily said... the new blog format...cute header. Makes me want to find a fresh and new one.

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