Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day...

I'm trying so hard to be tasteful with the name of this post, because how much did I want to call it, "All I Want for Father's Day is a Bag of Dick's!" (giggle, giggle). Okay, I got it out...there are so many more, but I'll stop there in the interest of keeping this tasteful!
B's special treat was a trip to Queen Anne to eat at Dick's and shop for music at Easy Street. The drive usually sucks from Renton, but we did it anyway and had a good time. You'll notice that the boys were all too happy to sample our chocolate shakes. Hud's already getting a taste for the good stuff (Hank was lost long he is often heard saying, "My favorite thing is CHOCOLATE!").
Happy Father's Day, Daddy. We love you <smooch>

Yes, Yes...I think I like this...

Don't you dare try to take it away! I will fight with all my might!!!


JosieBeanLily said...

Happy Father's Day Bretster. This looks like you all had a blast.

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