Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potty Time!

Yes, we're finally starting the potty training process with Hank. The kid has been going on the toilet since before he was two...I guess since he's almost 3, I should get my act together and actually follow through! We're going slow and steady with all the trusty rewards to make him want to put on the undies (Yo Gabba Gabba and Diego - to be exact!). Yes, there are M&M's...
He's so excited whenever he knows he has to go - his face lights up and he starts running to the bathroom, yelling, "I GOTTA GO, I GOTTA GO!" Today, he went while we were out at the mall and he came running back to see Grandma, yelling, "I DID IT, GRANDMA! I WENT POTTY! I WENT POTTY!" Grandma and EVERYONE else in the mall was very excited for him - haha.

He's now an expert at standing at the potty - good training, Dad!


JosieBeanLily said...

awwww, I can hear Hank's voice talk to Grandma..."I did it, I did it." So cute!

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